``Don't Make Our Little One Wait To Get Back His Life``

In today’s world there is so much to look forward to and being born in this era is a blessing. However, in certain parts of India children are struggling to get past the age of 3 with the health related problems and the negligence of the people in charge. That is the problem with 4-month-old Ataullah.

Ataullah was struggling to breathe. He was fighting the best fight however his condition worsened and he had fever. On conducting tests it was seen that he was diagnosed with a hole in his heart. The expenses for his treatment are 57,000 Rupees. His father is a factory worker and earns a measly 300 Rupees a day. It was barely enough to cover the expenses of the family and above that financing the operation was close to impossible. His mother stays at home and looks after Ataullah’s two siblings, a 4-year-old girl and a boy. They require the goodwill of the people of India and require your assistance in saving their little child.

Hence, as an NGO designed for such situations we are given the opportunity of helping this little one. We call upon the generosity of you all to help this cause and provide him with the money needed for the operation. As good Samaritans it is our duty to help people in need.


We hope we are able to get the funds needed to pay for the surgery and fill the hole in his heart. As soon as we get the funds required, we can go ahead with the surgery. His childhood is close to getting robbed from him. As Indians and more importantly, citizens of the world, we need to work towards giving him the future he needs and desires. The youth is the backbone of this country, and to ensure that the country continues to develop, it is these little steps that makes tomorrow brighter.

It breaks our heart to see little children like Ataullah struggling, imagine what the parents must be going through. Through this torrid time, we must ensure that we can get a smile back on the faces of the parents and consequently, Ataullah. He deserves to live her life to the fullest and we at Dream Girl Foundation hope that you will help us fulfil our promise of making him healthy again, by donating to the cause.

Patient Ataullah

Attaullah patient


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