BLOOD CANCER... An invitation to death ? Yes or No ?

“It is a privilege to serve mankind, for this is the worship of God.

God is here, in all these human souls. He is the soul of man”

– Swami Vivekananda

 The best teaching that Swami Vivekanada learnt from his Guru Ramakrishna Paramahansa is the service to mankind in all forms.

There are so many children today who are fighting everyday with deadly diseases. And one of them is Veer. He resides in Delhi. He suffered from on and off fever conditions from October 2019. Doctors tried to diagnose the exact reason for his condition but no respite was found in reason as well as Veer’s deteriorating health. Finally after two and a half months he was diagnosed with Blood Cancer, scientifically called B Cell Lymphocytes, which is a deadly disease in which infected cells keep spreading all over the body.

Veer is a poor child as his parents don’t earn huge sums. His mother is a housewife and his father although works in Delhi Jal Board earning Rs 20,000 per month, he is an alcoholic. His father’s alcoholism has caused severe strain in the household already and due to this addiction naturally he is not in a state to fund the complete expenses. In all this chaos, Veer’s mother is left helpless and is urgently seeking to continue his son’s treatment as doctors have suggested almost 10 to 12 Lakhs of financial requirements. Without continuing chemotherapy sessions, the survival rate is very meager and he might lose his life.

In such a situation Dream Girl Foundation has taken the responsibility to crowd fund his expenses. Dream Girl Foundation generously wants to help him through our service of crowd funding and we request you all to donate whatever you could accord your wish.

Please, spread a word with your family, friends, and do a noble deed as there is no better feeling rather than serving mankind and true happiness lies in this only. To help a child to gain a new life is the noblest deed anybody can do. The true service of God is to help a poor man as he resides in his soul.

Donate for VEER and let us help him to defeat his disease. Do a generous donation and help him to emerge victorious in this fight!

“Poverty is biggest violence”

Let us all help to reduce this violence in our own way by donating in the form of charity.

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