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Celebrate Joy of Giving Week - Dream Girl Foundation -

“The more you give of yourself, the more you find of yourself”

Its really a wonderful feeling to receive any gift but its even more joyfully and happy feeling if we give something to needy and poor people. In this so called modern world of ours where one’s relatives don’t help if we will help poor and helpless children , the smile that our help will bring to their face will surely makes us feel content and happy.

Not just worldly possessions but if we provide poor people with our support and love it will be of more worth to them than of any expensive gift.

Giving is one of the best investments you can make towards achieving genuine happiness.

A Chinese proverb said ”If you always give, you will always have”.

As Mahatma Gandhi said “To find yourself , lose yourself in the service of others”.

True joy lies in the act of giving without an expectation of receiving something in return.

If you find yourself feeling unhappy, try making someone else happy and see what happens.

Your little help could make someone’s life better.

So this giving week come forward and help those who needy children and feel happy…..