Come and celebrate Children’s Day by spreading love to poor children.

Children’s Day is celebrated every year on 14th of November. On this day let’s together celebrate by enlightening poor children’s life. This day lays a great importance on the children and therefore we can make this day great by making others happy.

This Children’s Day we give you a unique opportunity to spend time with children.. Because what better way to make someone’s day than to celebrate this special day with them.

Dream Girl Foundation is an NGO that believes that the more happiness you spread the happier you get. Together you and we can do this by making poor children happy. This can be done by simple task of celebrating Children’s Day with children at our facility. After all, making a poor child happy is making oneself happy.

So, let’s come together this day and celebrate with young ones. Believe us visiting us this 14th November will not only make these children elated but it will also help you unburden from your daily chores and chaos. We guarantee you preparations here won’t let you down. You can spend as much time with children as you want, it will only make them happier and in turn will make you happier.

So, we hope that you not only accept our invitation but also have a wonderful and cheery time with the children at our centre. To spread smile visit our facility on Children’s day or contact us, we are always happy to help.

This children’s day, gift a smile and make a dream come true only at Dream Girl Foundation.

To Book a Time Slot Please call us on +91-9873133134.

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