It’s Christmas!! Let’s be Santa to Someone’s Life


What all do kids need?

Someone to be with them, talk smile, play and dance with them.

And joy of being around them is immensely different experience. These poor kids with economical low background get amazed when they see people like us around them, always eager to show their talent. I won’t be typing all this and killing your suspense but would like to invite you to celebrate Christmas Eve with us.


As the year is coming to end and Christmas is round the corner. We at our NGO celebrate this every year on 24th/25th Dec, where children perform different activities which includes dancing, singing or small acts individually or in group.


We all welcome you to be part of it where you can be Santa to these children by spending some joyful time along with them. Not only this, you can particularly book your slot and arrange some activities, and our volunteers and teachers will fully support you on organising it.

Let’s ring the bell by singing jingle bells and be part of it, let’s get time out of our normal day to day chorus where we find reasons to smile let they be the reason to your smile which will not only bring happiness on your face but kids too.


To Book a Time Slot Please call us on +91-9873133134.