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Education can bring a change in our society especially in the rural areas as it elps to bring a positive change in a child’s mind as they become independent and are also aware about their fundamental rights. An educated child can judge and take his/her own decisions. Also, they don’t get into early marriage, crimes and exploitation.
Despite the Right to Education (RTE) acted in 2010, these literacy rates are very disturbing.

Literacy Updates in India

The litercay ratio of India is 65.38% with male literacy at 75.85% and female literacy at 54.16%
Of the 193 million Children in the age group 6 to 14 years, 8.1 million children are out of school as of Sept 2004 as per Government statistics.
Net primary enrolment ratio in 2001/02 : 83 7%
Children reaching grade 5 in 2000/01 : 59 8 %

We all should work as a team on the reasons why the parents are not sending their children to the schools which are :
1. Early marriage
2. Poverty
3. No toilets in the gov. schools .
4. Distance
5. Health issues

The day our society will be able to deal with all of the above reasons why the children aren’t able to get education and are dropping out of the schools.
only then we’ll be able to spread education in every corner of our country.

We are working on improving the objectives stated by the CRY.  Our Dream Girl Foundation is trying to transform the present life of the children and also ensures a secure future for them. Hence provides  Our focus is to provide education and proper health facilities to the girls.

We work as a catalyst and try provide the basic requirements of life such as food, clothing, shelter, education and health to the needy children. We give importance on providing better health facilities to the deprived children. We make arrangements for proper health treatment of various diseases by the help of donors. We make sure that a girl child gets proper education, medical facilities and to make their lives healthy and a successful life ahead.


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