Proposal for Construction of Vidya Kendra Building

 The future of our country lies in the hands of today’s generation kids, and we at Dream Girl Foundation, are adhered to it and trying our best to make this happen. As a part of this we are constructing a centre for teaching underprivileged kids – VIDYA KENDRA BUILDING and would like if you can come forward and help us bring the change and build the future of our country.

But before that let me explain what we do at Dream Girl Foundation. We at DGF are committed towards eradicating child labor and providing under privileged kids with basic education. Most of the kids we have our not privileged enough to go schools which could give them a really good education as they come from a poor economic background and local schools don’t provide them with a good education. We at DGF are trying to abridge this gap. Currently we are having 2 projects running successfully:

  • Sector 9 Gurgaon

  • Sector 57 Gurgaon 

NFE Center, Sec-9 Gurgaon:

DGF sector 9 project started in 2013 in a rented premises and was successfully providing education until one day when we were asked to vacate the land by March 2019 due to some reasons cited by the owner of the land. Now we have bought another land of 130  sq yards but we need funds to establish another permanent building there. We have planned for a 3 storey building but as of now are looking to complete the ground floor just to make sure the kids can be accommodated and are not forced into child labor by their parents. The following are the things planned up.

  • Digital Education

  • Sports facilityEvery kid is having some talent, keeping good sports facility will give them platform to follow their dream.

  • SanityThey need both good sanity and education on cleanliness as well and permanent building will help us provide them this facility.

  • School licence– Licence which will further help our students to get admission into different schools.


Action Plan:

  • Building Will be Constructed in Three Phases

  1. Phase 1 – Construction of Ground Floor which will be having classes for children. This is our primary concern as we have to shift the kids from the previous building to this one as soon as possible.

    The Estimated cost of ground Floor Construction is 15 Lakh and construction time required is 2 months and 15 days.

  2. Phase 2 – Construction of First Floor which will have a room Multipurpose room where we would have Staff room for teachers and also digital classrooms.

     The Estimated cost of this Floor is Rs. 12 Lakh and estimated time of construction is 2 months.

  1. Phase 3 Construction of  Second Floor and a roof which will serve as an office floor where interns , Volunteers and other staff members can interact and work.

     The Estimated cost of this Floor is Rs.12 Lakh  and estimated construction time is of 2 months.



We are looking forward for prospective donors like you and also are approaching corporates.  We are open to both

  • Financial Donations – where you could directly transfer the amount you want to our account.

  • Non – Financial Donations – where you could help us by donating materials as in, cement, bricks etc.

We have already raised 5 lakh Rupees for the construction of the ground floor through FTA HSRP Solutions Pvt Ltd.


Current Requirements :

You are free to choose what to be donated by your yourself or company. For any queries regarding the above-mentioned items you may contact Mr. Ankit on +91-9958149628.

You can purchase these items online from any website like and courier it to our below mentioned address :

Dream Girl Foundation,
99F, B-Block, Surya Vihar,
Sector-9, Near Sec-4 Police Station,
Gurgaon, Haryana-122001

Construction Material DOnation to NGO

Written by – B V SAI ABHISHEK

About Writer : Trying to be and bring a change in the society and also in its conventional way of thinking, Abhishek has found his interest in writing lately and writes poetry about the same on his blog