``Don't Make Our Little One Wait To Get Back His Life``

Life becomes more cruel and harsh to the underprivileged people when someone in their family is diagnosed with a serious ailment.

On 28th October 2018, Sayna was born and just after 2 days his body was all hot burning from fever. His parents rushed him to the nursing home where he was born reporting high fever to the doctors there. It was not a normal usual fever and the doctors had an instinct that it was something more than just fever. Performing some tests, it was found that the nerves of his heart were all upside down and a surgery will be required for operating it. Unable to work on the surgery the doctors referred to the parents of Sayna to take to him to AIIMS, Delhi. He is now being treated at AIIMS where Dr. Anita and Dr.Sakshi are handling his case.

Sayna’s father is a daily wage labourer and earns Rs.200 per day which is only makes up for the family to have a square meal per day. His mother is a housewife and they reside in Agra. Sayna’s condition becomes critical sometimes and his parents are forced to rush him to a nearby local hospital where Dr. Sanjeev Aggarwal treats him because he cannot be brought to AIIMS at that condition and emergency.

The doctors at AIIMS have apprised the parents of Sayna that the surgery would cost them around Rs.70000-80000. The family being unable to collect it from any source reached Dream Girl Foundation. We as an organisation and our donors are constantly giving our maximum inputs to help these children diagnosed with such a complex disease at an early age survive. We believe that if we could again come forward to help the little one survive this battle of his life, we would be again giving life to another one on this Earth. Even a small donation by anyone will be impactful in saving his life.

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Baby of Sayna


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