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At our organization we believe that we can surely make a difference by upbringing our child with a secure and promising future and it can only happen when we educate our child. Right to education is the fundamental right which is granted by the Constitution of India. Education enables a child to lay strong foothold in this world. It enables you to stand on your feet and earn a livelihood for yourself.

Health Sector

Life is precious and cannot be put a price tag on. None will ever be able to evaluate what the life of one person is worth but in life, we are often faced with circumstances where there is a price attached to saving someone’s life.

Current Case

we got a new case of a boy named Amit Kumar Paswan of 15 months of age having a hole in his heart. When he was 2 month old, he suffered from Nimonia and also started complaining pain in his heart & chest. After getting diagnosed ,this disease was identified.

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About us

Dream Girl Foundation is a non-profit making organisation which works hard for the upliftment and betterment of the girls. We focus on improving the lives of girls by providing them education, shelter and clothing across the country. Our organisation takes proper care of the girls and try to make their lives better. We believe that education is one of the most important mediums that help in developing the country. Our NGO provides quality education to all the underprivileged girls so as to enhance their standard of living. We leave no stone unturned to give a better tomorrow to the girl child. Our NGO also gives importance to health part and provide medical help to the girls. We are supported by a team of teachers, doctors, trainers and other volunteers, who help us in providing the facilities to the underprivileged girls. They work with the aim to attain success of every project. Our endeavour is to reach and help the underprivileged girls to assure a better future to them.


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