International Women Day with NGO

The United Nations has officially designated 8th of March as International Women Day. The basic purpose of designating international days is to create awareness and educate the people about the issues which still plague the world. These issues need to garner the attention of the political world and require their will to change the scenario through various efforts. This year the theme of the UN is, I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights.


The name of our organisation is simply enough to reflect our work “DREAM GIRL FOUNDATION’. The primary idea with which we initiated this NGO was to enable every girl child realise her dreams. DGF is striving to provide the basic right of health and education to every girl child for she is equally entitled to receive it. DGF has been running various Non Formal Education Centres and helping them further to enroll in formal education. We have successfully enrolled many of them in schools. We also run campaigns about the girl child education and convince the parents to send their child to the school. In the health sector too, we have been spreading personal hygiene practices and especially menstrual hygiene and providing sanitary napkins. DFG believes in holistic development of a girl child.

On this Women’s Day, we cordially and graciously invite you all to our NGO and witness the change which we are constantly striving to bring into this world with our relentless efforts and spread the importance of being equal to men in all ways. Please do join us to empower these all little super women who are going to revolutionise the world with the most powerful weapon ‘education’. Give them the motivation to be their own version of revolutionary reformer Savittribai Phule.

A girl child is no less than a male child. Women empowerment and girl empowerment is empowerment of the whole world, as in Marathi there is a quote saying ‘Mulgi sikli pragati jhali. This quote means when a girl child is educated, there is development all around as she takes along with her everyone on the path of progress and development.

Women would only want men to share some characteristics of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar who at every step fought for women’s rights and empowerment. If all men be a small version of him and take the little effort make the world more gender equal. This will push the world to achieve Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality as the grim reality is still that none of the nation is on the track to achieve it and the women are still undervalued.

No two leaves are alike, and yet there is no antagonism,

between them or between

the branches on which they grow

–           Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Dream Girl Foundation NGO