No one would have expected that life could be so hard at a 4 years old kid, Nand Kishore Gupta. Nand Kishore is the third child of Prem Shankar Prasad and Shrimathi Rubi Devi. At the age of 2, Nand Kishore was suffering with high fever and constipation from days and was taken to a local doctor. He was given a basic medication which subsided the problem but didn’t cure it. Later he had blood in his urine from where things started getting worse. Nand Kishore underwent an ultrasound test and was diagnosed with a tumor in his right kidney. On the advice of the doctors Nand Kishore’s parents moved to Delhi for a better treatment.

Nand Kishore’s parents took him to Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi and consulted Dr. Alpana Prasad (Kidney Surgeon). All the tests were done again and later Nand Kishore’s right kidney was operated and removed as the tumor was growing rapidly.  Later on along with regular checkups, he was also undergoing chemotherapy. The expense for the surgery was around Rs. 3 Lakhs and Nand Kishore’s father though was a cab driver, arranged the amount all by himself hoping his son would recover.

It was in October 2018 when all the cycles of chemotherapy were completed and a check up of once in 3 months was being done by Dr. Alpana. But things got worse in the month of February when Nand Kishore again had the same problem of high fever and constipation. On consulting Dr. Shyam Kumar Gupta and running another ultrasound test they come to know that the tumor had now spread to the left kidney.  Dr. Shyam suggested that, Nand Kishore’s already surviving on a single kidney and now the only option left is to have chemo and radio therapy which would be performed at Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi.

Nand Kishore’s father has already spent Rs. 3 Lakh and cannot afford the further treatment of his son which will require Rs. 1 Lakh at least. This is when Dream Girl Foundation was approached. We as an organization believe that if we and you can come forward, we would be able to give this 5 year champ another chance to fight and come out victorious. We are running a fund raising campaign and even a small contribution by you will have a huge impact.

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