Prometric Testing is the newest addition to the list of our esteemed sponsors. Prometric Testing is a U.S. based company in the test administration business and operates a test center network composed of thousands of sites in 160 countries.

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Prometric Testing is our primary asset sponsor. So, Prometric Testing will be helping us with various equipments such as books, bags, stationery, tables, chairs etc needed to provide education and medicines and medical equipments needed for medical treatment. Prometric Testing will also bear the admission and tuition fees of children who are admitted to government schools after their elementary education with us.

We are very grateful to Prometric Testing for helping us in our crusade to ensure that every child receives primary education and no one loses a loved one because of lack of money. We believe that we have not lived today until we have done something for someone who can never repay us. So, we try to spend every second of our existence for the betterment of children and needy.

We cannot thank Prometric Testing enough for taking a step forward to enable us to continue our crusade of bettering this world. We assure Prometric Testing and all other sponsors that we will not let them down and devote every fiber of our beings to help the needy.

Prometric- Corporate partner

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