Workshop on Section 4 of The Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace includes ICC policies and protocol


Women are not the problem, they are the solution

Dream Girl Foundation is one of the most eminent non-profit organisations engaged in providing a better future to the underprivileged girls. The organisation is dedicated to work for the overall development of girls in areas including sanitation, income generation, AIDS awareness, Self defence and other major prevailing issues in the society. With the assistance of volunteers, we have been able to arrange for the basic necessities required by a girl child. Our team has worked in many areas such as to stop exploitation of girls and to focus on the betterment of impoverished lifestyle.


And now we are taking our mission to one level up. Dream Girl Foundation believes that a women has the right to feel empowered and strong everywhere and wherever they go. For this to happen it is required that the personal security of working women is ensured. It is important that every company should make efforts to provide a safe working environment to women employees. Such a working environment should be free of Occupational Sexism.


In order to realise this, our NGO has come up with a unique workshop sessions which includes the complete training presentation on Section 4 of The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal ) Act, 2013 along with interim sessions on self defense training to your employees which forms a part of the entire training module. Our workshop training is not just limited to sharing of factual information and awareness on the act mentioned above it shall also include an extremely exhilarating self defense session which would make the employees aware about the magnitude of this ignored problem and thus help in preventing and avoiding incidents of any type or harassments and assaults; further tackling such incidents and situations related to sexual assaults and harassments more carefully and via a formal committee.


Therefore in addition to the workshops and trainings we will be nominating  members who will form the part of the ICC among which 3 of the members will be directly  from the company itself and the remaining one member will be sent from our NGO. That member would usually be a lawyer who works with our NGO on freelance basis.