This is a list of the required items for Non-Formal Education centre of Dream Girl Foundation, Gurgaon. This centre is currently run by the help of Frost International Ltd. and support from various individuals and corporates.

It is great to see that humanity still exists because of people like you.  Thank you for showing your support and coming forward to help the underprivileged children. You may choose from any of the following item(s) for donation at our NFE Centre:

  1.  You can donate/Sponsor Bricks, Cements, Doors and other stuff for our Sector-9 project where we are constructing building for providing education to underprivileged children and we need immediate help in that. 

  2.  1 Multi Plug External Cord (Amazon Link )

  3. 6 LED Bub 40 Watt
  4. 7 rolling chairs for Teachers and reception

  5. 6 Exhaust Fans ( Amazon Link )

  6. 3 Teacher table with Storage facility

  7.  1 Big Dustbin and 1 small Dustbin

  8. 3-4 Cloth Mops, 2 Tila Jhadu, 2 Phool Jhadu

  9. 3 Door Mats (Amazon Link)

  10. 2 Teacher Attendance Registers ( Amazon link )

  11. Carpets of Big Size 18 by 18 (Amazon Link)

  12. 2 packet White Board Markers (Amazon Link)

  13. Canon Printer Canon PGI-750 PGBK Ink  Amazon Link

  14. 2 packet bond paper (Amazon Link)

  15. Epson Ink for L360 Model ( Amazon Link )

  16. 1 Projector and 1 Projector Screen– If we will have a projector and a projector screen set then we can show some inspirational stories of Akbar Birbal, Ramayana, etc. to the children which can motivate them to do better. We can also organise movie screening for the children at our own premises. Amazon Link

  17. 2 Harpic, 10 Dettol Handwash. (Amazon Link)

  18. Moov Magic Spray Pain Killer – 10 packet Amazon Link

  19. 10 HIT Mosquito sprays 4 Room Freshners to save children from Dengue/malaria.  (Amazon Link)

  20. Dettol Liquid Hand wash-Children who come to our centre are living in backward areas where there is no hygiene or sanitation. Thus,It is very important​ to teach them about hygiene and provide them with good facility. Currently we provide soap to them for washing their hands after use ​of washrooms or after eating food. Now we are planning to provide them with Dettol liquid hand wash for use. For 6 months’usage, we require around 100 bottles of Dettol liquid Hand Wash bottles. Amazon Link

  21. Educational Toys for the children below 5 year-There are around 15-20 children who are below the age of 5 years and we cannot teach them from books. Therefore, we need a few special educational toys and books by which we can develop their mind at a good pace and save them from child labour.

 Special Monthly Requirement : We also distribute refreshment to children to maintain good attendance on daily basis in which we distribute a cra​x of Rs.5/- to each one of them so the total expenses of food requirement are Rs. 15,000/- per month. If you can provide the refreshments to us on monthly basis, then it will be helpful for us.

You are free to choose what to be donated by your company. For any queries regarding the above-mentioned items you may contact Mr. Ankit on +91-9958149628.

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