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Based at New Delhi, Dream Girl Foundation is engaged in working for the betterment of girl child. We with the help of the volunteers work together to provide a better future to the girls of capital. Our focus is to provide education and proper health facilities to the girls. We work as a catalyst and try provide the basic requirements of life such as food, clothing, shelter, education and health to the needy children.

We give importance on providing better health facilities to the deprived children. We make arrangements for proper health treatment of various diseases. We make sure that a girl child gets proper education and medical facilities. With the support of our volunteers, we have been able to provide these facilities to the needy children of society.




At our organization we believe that we can surely make a difference by upbringing our child with a secure and promising future and it can only happen when we educate our child. Right to education is the fundamental right which is granted by the Constitution of India. Education enables a child to lay strong foothold in this world. It enables you to stand on your feet and earn a livelihood for yourself.

We rigorously attempt to educate every child we come across from the weaker sections of the society and give them an ability to stand on their own feet and contribute towards the economy of the nation. We have organised a number of camps and workshops in various areas to create awareness about the importance of education among the people. We also help the children in monetary terms. Further, we provide stationary to the needy children. Our main motive is to create awareness about education to the marginalised children.


Case Study- Non Formal Education Center in Gurgaon

We have established a Non Formal Education Center in Surya Vihar, Gurgaon which is a backward and unauthorized area in Haryana. Many labor class families reside here. The families over here live a harsh and tough life working for the whole day to just earn their families two square meals a day. They have to work hard for their survival. The locality, being an unauthorized one, had no school nearby where they could have sent their children to study. Many did not even will to spend their earnings on their children as they thought it to be a waste of money.NFE Center Dream Girl Foundation So the children had no option but to stay at home or work against their wish. This would have created another generation with illiteracy.

To terminate this chain and help the children, we conducted a survey indentifying the kids who did not go to school. Following this we talked to their parents convincing them to send their children to school. We, at our centers, provided the children with elementary education after the completion of which we registered them in a recognized institution. Our efforts helped the children to come to the main stream and live a life full of opportunities like any other child.

Project Zindagi

Life is precious and cannot be put a price tag on. None will ever be able to evaluate what the life of one person is worth but in life, we are often faced with circumstances where there is a price attached to saving someone’s life.

Poverty is one of the worst evils known to India today and many are falling into its grip day by day to such an extent that even two square meals are too much to ask for. For people living under such circumstances, a life threatening disease like cancer, brain tumour or a hole in the heart can mean the end of an era. For people who can barely afford food, filling hospital bills is unfathomable.

Even as we are as a country progressing towards being a developed country, according to recent statistics two million children die in India every year due to lack of funds while everyday almost three thousand are encountered with the same.

At Dream Girl Foundation we try to bring relief to such families by providing financial assistance and taking the responsibility of the money involved in treatment of children suffering from such diseases. Our project called “Project Zindagi” aims to provide life to many. We consider ourselves lucky that we are given an opportunity to offer a new life to someone and transform it for the best but we cannot do this alone. We need equal support from you.

For those of you are well off and have not been kicked hard by the fatal leg of poverty, we request you to come forward and assist us in this endeavour of ours so that no lives are lost due to lack of financial resources. We organise crowd funding campaigns to help raise funds for the children so come ahead and be a part.Remember, the shortest corpses are always the heaviest.

Keep donating!

Dream Girl Foundation is an organization which is meant for the people. We consider ourselves as the voice and face of people who are deprived of the basic amenities like food, clothing, medicinal facilities, shelter and others. We work hard to help the needy children. As an organization we are highly inclined towards our social services to raise the bar of our societal/moral values. In this Series we are currently working For Amit Kumar (Details given right side).

Be The Change You Want To See

Prakhar_NGO PatientImagine you have a child (or younger brother), whom you love very much. You wake him up every morning, cook him food, play with him, help him complete his homework and try to give him everything he needs. Since you don’t make much money you sometimes even skimp on your own meal. But you love him so much that you would do anything for him from working excruciatingly long hours to skipping meals due to lack of money, in a heartbeat. Now your child is sick. He has high fever, bleeding rashes and scabrous joints.

You rush to a small hospital in proximity, but they don’t understand anything and recommend your child to a good hospital out of your city (in Delhi). In India a good hospital means either an expensive private hospital or AIIMS in which it is very difficult to get into. Now, you put all your savings to get your child checked in a hosPrakhar in Hospitalpital in Delhi. Doctor tells you some expensive tests, you somehow manage to get those tests done. After getting reports checked by doctor you find out that your son has blood cancer and requires an immediate blood transfusion, which would cost around 6 lakh Rupees.

How do you think you will feel? I think you will feel helpless because you don’t have enough funds. You will feel like earth has been snatched from under your feet. A person who has never succumbed to life and has always managed to help his son, will suddenly find himself on his knees and helpless.

This is the story of Girish Sharma from Bihar, who makes 6 grand a month. He has 3 people dependent on him. His son, daughter and wife.

If you were in his position won’t you want help? Won’t you feel helpless? The answer is you will. So, don’t make Girish and millions like him feel helpless. Cater him and millions like him in every possible way you would need help. Stop making Girish feel helpless,


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Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness

I hate it when I see people in pain. It makes me emotional and fills my eyes with tears. This time I am talking about a little angel Pranjal, who is just five months old. little AngelShe needs bone marrow transplant on urgent basis. She is just a little girl who doesn’t even know what is happening with her. She can’t express herself and her pain that she is going through.

She is the only child of her parents. Her mother is in great shock that she is finding herself helpless and doesn’t know what to do or where to go. Pranjal’s father Mr. Dipak Bhapkar is also unable to see a silver lining. Pranjal belongs to a normal middle class family. Her father is working in a private company wherein he has limited salary which doesn’t allow him to go beyond his monthly budget. But as bone marrow transplant requires huge amount, Dipak is running here and there to arrange however unfortunately he is unable to arrange enough money. Pranjal’s treatment is under Kokilaben Hospital doctors. They have given an estimated cost of Rs. 20 lakh if in case bone marrow matches with her parents or otherwise it might cost them up to 50 lakh.

When Dipak contacted us, we at Dream Girl Foundation waited no more and started approaching people so that we can arrange money for his daughter’s treatment. As the amount is huge, your contribution is most needed in this hour of need. We request everyone to join this noble cause and help us to save this child. Your part of good deed may give her a new life. Pranjal and her family need us to help them come out of this dark phase of their life.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice

Pranjal Medical Documents11
Pranjal Medical Documents11
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