Based at New Delhi, Dream Girl Foundation is engaged in working for the betterment of girl child. We with the help of the volunteers work together to provide a better future to the girls of capital. Our focus is to provide education and proper health facilities to the girls. We work as a catalyst and try to provide the basic requirements of life such as food, clothing, sanitation, education and health to the needy children.


We give importance to providing better health facilities to the deprived children. We make arrangements for proper health treatment of various diseases. We make sure that a girl child gets proper education and medical facilities. With the support of our volunteers, we have been able to provide these facilities to the needy children of society.



At our organization, we believe that we can surely make a difference by upbringing our child with a secure and promising future and it can only happen when we educate our child. Right to education is the fundamental right which is granted by the Constitution of India. Education enables a child to lay strong foothold in this world. It enables you to stand on your feet and earn a livelihood for yourself.

We rigorously attempt to educate every child we come across from the weaker sections of the society and give them an ability to stand on their own feet and contribute towards the economy of the nation. We have organised a number of camps and workshops in various areas to create awareness about the importance of education among the people. We also help the children in monetary terms. Further, we provide stationary to the needy children. Our main motive is to create awareness about education to the marginalised children.


Case Studies

We have established a Non-Formal Education Center in Surya Vihar, Gurgaon which is a backward and unauthorized area in Haryana. Many labor class families reside here. The families over here live a harsh and tough life working for the whole day to just earn their families two square meals a day. They have to work hard for their survival. The locality, being an unauthorized one, had no school nearby where they could have sent their children to study. Many did not even spend their earnings on their children as they thought it to be a waste of money. So the children had no option but to stay at home or work against their wish. This would have created another generation with illiteracy.

To terminate this chain and help the children, we conducted a survey identifying the kids who did not go to school. Following this, we talked to their parents convincing them to send their children to school. We, at our centers, provided the children with elementary education after the completion of which we registered them in a recognized institution. Our efforts helped the children to come to the main stream and live a life full of opportunities like any other child.

Address :
Dream Girl Foundation
99F,B-Block Nr Sec-4 Police Station,Surya Vihar,Sec-9,Gurugram,Haryana
Ph.: Mrs. Anju +91-9999332331
time: 10 Am to 12 noon


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Gurgaon has become a leading financial and industrial hub, harbouring more than 250 fortune 500 companies. But among these sprawling IT parks also lies the small slums areas located in various corners of the city. One such slum area is the Tigra Village in the Gurgaon Sector 57.  The slum dwellers live in small shabby huts right next to the giant apartments and skyscrapers of the city.

While surveying we found that in this area there were a lot of small children aged between 6 to 14 who were not enrolled in any school.  Also the area lacked sanitation as sever lines were left open with muddy area around. We found that there was no school or learning center for the slum kids where they could receive basic education. Hence our Foundation took it upon itself to rectify the situation. We have set up a Non-Formal education center in this area of Sector 57 of Gurgaon. We rented three rooms nearby the slum area and with the help of our generous donors, we have set up the classrooms.  Along with that we have appointed three teachers who come to teach the children on daily basis. 


Our efforts saw light when more and more parents started enrolling their kids at our center. All the students come regularly to the center. This initiative has not only boosted literacy among the slum dwellers but also awareness regarding health and sanitation. In order to keep the students happy and entertained we have even started the “Celebrate your Birthday with Unique Difference Campaign “ wherein we invite donors to celebrate their birthday with our kids at the center and make their wishes come true.

Address :

Dream Girl Foundation-NFE Center
Room No.1-5, Opp. Sarpanch Anant House,
Behind BPTP Tower, Tigra Village,
Sector-57, Gurgaon, Haryana-122001
Time : 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Map :
Ph. Mrs. Kamlesh 8826498125

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We are proud to announce that we have recently established a Non Formal Education Center in Chennai. This center is mainly for under privileged children aged 10-18 years. We at Dream Girl Foundation work for the upliftment of downtrodden section of society and our aim is to  give a basic education to these children so they can have a bright future.


Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world! –  Nelson Mandela


The families of these kids are illiterate and live a harsh and tough life working for the whole day just to sustain themselves. Most of them cannot afford to pay for their education because they earn only that much to fill their stomachs twice a day. So the children had no option but to stay at home or work as labour against their wish. This would have created another generation of illiteracy and we have taken this initiative to curb this problem.



The main feature of this initiative is the teaching of the English language English is accepted as the second language in India. It is the key to access the treasure of knowledge. Reading, speaking and writing English will enable these children to get employment opportunity throughout India. There is no future in today’s world without the English language and we want to empower our children with this powerful tool. The main feature is that well qualified teachers have been employed for teaching English on a daily basis.


We hope this effort of DGF enables these kids to stand on their own feet and become successful in their careers when they grow up.


Parivartan hi asli vidya ka akhri parinaam hai,

Aao, ham sab milkar is parinaam ko badhaaye!

Address :
Dream Girl Foundation
Dr.Ambedkar Mandram, 2nd Main Rd, Kosapet, Purasaiwakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600007
Ph. +91-7448553189

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Virar is a small suburban city situated 60 km away from Mumbai. There is a huge mountain in Virar and the Jivdani temple on top of it. Resembling the hugeness of the mountain but ironic to the modernity of the dream city, Virar houses a huge eye grabbing slum area called the Arnapada. The makeshift temporary tents make the area wide giving a disastrous impression of its own. While surveying, we found that the place lacked transportation, clean water and sanitation. Hence, our organization selected this place to begin with a whole new phase of education and development. 

As part of the initiative we established a Non Formal Education Center in Jivdani ,Virar (E),Mumbai. It is a backward slum area in Virar which needed a boost in literacy. Many illiterate labor class families reside here. They have to struggle for a living. Since they reside in a slum area, the children in the area are deprived of education and guidance. Even though there are schools in the city there are problems of transportation and finances as most of them can’t afford the expenses.

Dream Girl Foundation hence conducted a survey figuring out the children not going to school. We accordingly found a small place in the slum itself to start a study center. A well qualified teacher was appointed to provide the children with basic education required. The teacher was also made responsible to convince the parents of the children by moving from door to door by enlightening the importance of education in life and highlighting its benefits.

In addition, DGF ensures the parents to have a successful future of their children by taking utmost care about the admissions for high school education. By doing this, we feel, that the deprived ones will endure in the society and have all their necessities get fulfilled like other kids.


Address : 66, Ward No.8 Jivdani Nagar, Jivdani Rd, Virar East, Maharashtra 401305
Ph. +91-9225383261, +91-7843076778

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NFE Center Dream Girl Foundation


Life is precious and cannot be put a price tag on. Noone will ever be able to evaluate what the life of one person is worth but in life, we are often faced with circumstances where there is a price attached to saving someone’s life.

Poverty is one of the worst evils known to India today and many are falling into its grip day by day to such an extent that even two square meals are too much to ask for. For people living under such circumstances, a life-threatening disease like cancer, brain tumor or a hole in the heart can mean the end of an era. For people who can barely afford food, filling hospital bills is unfathomable.

Even as we are as a country progressing towards being a developed country, according to recent statistics two million children die in India every year due to lack of funds while every day almost three thousand are encountered with the same.

At Dream Girl Foundation we try to bring relief to such families by providing financial assistance and taking the responsibility of the money involved in the treatment of children suffering from such diseases. Our project called “Project Zindagi” aims to provide life to many. We consider ourselves lucky that we are given an opportunity to offer a new life to someone and transform it for the best but we cannot do this alone. We need equal support from you.

For those of you are well off and have not been kicked hard by the fatal leg of poverty, we request you to come forward and assist us in this endeavor of ours so that no lives are lost due to lack of financial resources. We organise crowdfunding campaigns to help raise funds for the children so come ahead and be a part.Remember, the shortest corpses are always the heaviest.

Keep donating!


Dream Girl Foundation is an organization which is meant for the people. We consider ourselves as the voice and face of people who are deprived of the basic amenities like food, clothing, medicinal facilities, sanitation and others. We work hard to help the needy children. As an organization we are highly inclined towards our social services to raise the bar of our societal/moral values. In this Series, we are currently working For a child named Arbaj (Details are given below).


“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean,
but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”

-Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa spent her whole life helping the needy and poverty-stricken people. The least what we could do is strive to be 1% of her. Today a small child named Mohammad Arbaj, 8 years old is struggling between life and death from 2013.

Arbaj hails from Bihar and after all the diagnosis doctors said that he suffers from Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), in simple terms it means a hole in the heart, and oxygen-poor blood flow out of the heart and into the rest of the body and is a very rare disease and suggested to take him to Delhi urgently for further treatment. Arbaj has been constantly fighting to breathe smoothly like you and me. The doctors at AIIMS have given an approximate amount of Rs 80,000 for the treatment, Rs 60,000 for surgery and Rs 20,000 for Angiography but his parents being helpless due to their socio-economic conditions haven’t been able to gather the funds. His father is a poor labourer earning just meagre to survive and mother being a housewife, you can imagine gathering such a huge amount is next to impossible for them. Even if they take a loan it put them into grave debt as they have look after the post treatment too. So, here the best option would be, we crowdfundthe amount and help Arbaj breathe and have a new life. We humbly request you to help the needful as it would be the kindest to do.

The doctor had suggested the next date for the operation on the 13th of December, but deadline is going to be missed and the agony of suffering is prolonged.Now, YOU can decide the fate of Arbaj. The funds need to be deposited ASAP for Arbaj at AIIMS to save his life so that doctors can hopefully by Mid-January operate him. We urge you all to donate whatever you could to the ocean as it will make a huge difference to his life. Your money will give a new “Zindagi” to Arbaj. Due to the disease the poor child has discontinued the studies too. The innocent child is being deprived of the basic right to live and study. Please donate as much as you can and even please ask all your friends, family, relatives to donate! Donate for the noble cause and be a good Samaritan!



Arbaj-Heart Patient

Keep spreading smiles and embrace the lives of the ones in need!

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa

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