Q) What is an NGO?

NGO means Non-Government Organisation. It operates independently of any government, typically one whose purpose is to address a social or political issue.

What does your NGO do?

Our NGO, Dream Girl Foundation works for the health and education of the needy and underprivileged.

Who is the trustee of your NGO?

Mr. Harish Kumar and Mrs. Kamlesh Madaan are the trustee of our NGO. Details about them can be read here : https://dreamgirlfoundation.ngo/our-founder-members/

Where is your NGO registered at?

Our NGO is registered at New Delhi.

What is the registration number of this organisation?

Our Organisation Dream Girl Foundation’s Registration Number is TRUST /DELHI /4/356

Can I know the pan number of your NGO?

Our PAN Number is AABTD8681R and you can use it for tax exemption u/s 80G in case you have made the donation

When was this NGO established?

Our NGO, Dream Girl Foundation was established in 2003 and registered in 2013.

Please share your Account details to contribute through NEFT/IMPS

Our Bank Details are :

Bank Name :- ICICI Bank
Bank A/c No. :- 424401000168
Bank A/c Name :- Dream Girl Foundation
IFS Code :- ICIC0004244
A/c Type :- Saving
Branch :- New Railway Road, Gurgaon



What is the total number of staffing your NGO?

A total of 12 people run this NGO.

What is the email id of your Organisation?

Our organisation’s email id is info@dreamgirlfoundation.ngo

What is the exact address of your NGO?

99F ,B-Block, Surya Vihar,
Sector-9, Gurugram,
Haryana-122001, India

Map : https://g.co/kgs/Q63TNM

Does the organisation have any other branch?

We have our branches in Gurugram and Virar East. We also have a backend office at Delhi Location

Any contact number of the organisation?

Our Contact Numbers are +91-9873133134 and 0124-6599945. You can also WhatsApp us on +91-9873133134 or CLICK HERE : https://wa.me/919873133134?text=Hello!

What is the purpose of the donation you collect?

to fulfil the projects undertaken by our organisation and also to reach more and more people we need the donation and contribution of the masses.

Where are your projects based Currently?

Our Education Centers are located at Gurugram Sector-9, Gurugram Sector-57 and at Virar East.

And our Health project covers the entire Delhi NCR region.

Can we pay a visit at the project centres and see the working of our organisation?

Yes, the projects are open to the public visit and we would love to welcome you.

How many children does your education centre cater to?

No. of Children Enrolled Center Location
110 Gurugram Sector-9
150 Gurgram Sector-57
35 Virar East

What is the age group of the children coming to your centre?

Children from 3 to 14 years come to our centre.

What are the ways we can contribute in your NGO?

We accept donation in form of cheque or through our website. Also you can meet our executive and donate.

What are the ways of online donation?

We accept donation through our website. Also we accept debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI, Phonepay.

Can I pay thorough PayTm, Ola Money, Google Pay or any other UPI app

Yes Sir. You can donate direct to our business UPI dgf@IciciDonate through UPI ID


Alternatively you can scan below QR Code to donate through any App.


Does the trustee also provide funds for the projects?

We collect funds from the public and similarly funds are also provided by our trustees.

Do you accept the donation in kind?

Yes, We accept items like, old clothes, used toys, stationery items, chairs, desks, etc in donation-in-kind. You may see our requirements here.

Sec-9 Requirements: http://dreamgirlfoundation.ngo/different-requirements

Sec-57 Req: http://dreamgirlfoundation.ngo/ngo-in-sector-57

How much of the total fund is used for the treatment of the children?

The total amount suggested by the doctors for the treatment is collected by a fundraising campaign and then submitted to the hospital.

How many cases have been dealt with by the funds raised by the organisation?

With our concerted efforts we have been able to provide help to 40 cases in total. You may see some recent cases here : https://dreamgirlfoundation.ngo/recent-cases/

Where do you come to know about the medical cases from?

We take a survey of the various hospitals and identify cases of those children who are suffering from acute problems and are not able to afford the treatment due to financial crisis.

How should we believe that your NGO is genuine?

Dream girl Foundation is NGO led by a very professional Team. We are working from last 6 years in India and have impacted life of more than 500 Children in these years.

You can check our website for gaining credibility in our work.

You can also meet the children whose treatment has been done.

You can visit our project centres to have a wider look at our initiatives.

You can check our Audit reports, Registration Document here : https://dreamgirlfoundation.ngo/documents/

You can check our listing at Govt. of India Website www.ngodarpan.gov.in

we are also supported by Individuals & some corporate. Some of which are:

  1. Google Incorporation
  2. Frost International Limited
  3. Ferolite Jointings Limited
  4. Honda Trading Corporation India pvt. Ltd.

Do you directly give the funds to the parents?

We make a demand draft for AIIMS/Sir Gangaram Hospital/ Concerned Hospital and the receipt of the same is given to the parents.

Do you also provide food and clothes to the children?

We just provide the children with some refreshments when they come to our education centre.  Also, the donations received in kind such as toys, clothes are given to them.

Where do all the children involved in your projects stay?

All those children coming to our education centre are from the nearby slums and the ones in the health project can be from anywhere.

Can I know the name of the project undertaken by your organisation or the welfare of the children?

Project Zindagi is the name of the project.

If we wish to meet the children, can you bring them to us?

You can come and meet the children in our project centres but we cannot bring them to you.

What are the specific timings for meeting the children?

Timing for meeting the children in different projects is mentioned below:

Sector-9 Gurugram: 10 AM to 12 Noon

Sector-57 Gurugram: 2 PM to 5 PM

Virar East: 11 AM to 1 PM

What is the total expenditure involved in a child’s one-month education? And what is the break-up of this expenditure?

A total of Rs 500 is required for a child’s one-month education. It comprises of the money spent on stationary, refreshments and school dress.

Is the NGO functional on Sundays as well?

No, Unless there is any reservation by any donor to meet children at our Center. Our Center remains close.

In the health project, do you take only the children from Delhi? Or children of other states can also come and seek help?

We serve the cases of the children of both Delhi and outside.

What is the procedure for volunteering in your NGO?

Are the volunteers paid?

No, there is no Salary/Stipend for volunteers.

Are the teachers working in your NGO on voluntary basis or are they given salary?

The teachers are not volunteers. They are given salary. But we also have teaching volunteers available at our centers.

Do you help other NGOs or work in partnership with them?

No, We are an Independent organisation and our projects are also our own without partnering with any other organisation.

Is the project place on rent? Or do you own it?

The project place is on rent.

Are there any extra- curricular activities in your education centre?

Yes, we conduct extra curricular activities every Saturday. So you may come and participate in it.

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