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Ravya Patient at NGO Dream Girl Foundation

Donation saved my life. Was it yours?

It is our pleasure to inform you that Ravya’s bone marrow has been successfully transplanted in Shri Gangaram Hospital because of your generous donation. We are also very proud to

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Dream Girl Foundation Success

And A Miracle Was Made To Happen

When Prashant was taken to a local doctor in Bihar by his father, he had no clue what was to come next. He then made a journey, from Bihar to

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NGO Helped Rohit

Rohit Got Success -10 Jan,2017

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”  – Charles Dickens

This quote by Charles Dickens very well explains that how much we need each other’s

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‘We rise by lifting others’

It is our immense pleasure to inform you that because of your contribution, Rajan’s heart surgery has been done successfully by AIIMS doctors.
Due to huge waiting list, doctors could do

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Amit-Dream Girl Foundation

Gift of Life

He  was patient of congenital heart defect. From his birth itself he had faced the uncertainty of further life.Even from his birth.His mother Leela is a house wife and His father is

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Name Represents with You

Together For A Cause – Bhavisye

Our Dream Girl Foundation is meant to help underprivileged
one’s who are financially weak and don’t have access to any facility. Our Organization is created for this noble

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anjali slider

A struggle of more than 5 Years

Discharge Summary – Discharge Summary_Anjali_Dream Girl Foundation
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A hole in your pocket that wouldn’t hurt

A hole in your pocket that wouldn’t hurt
The only permanent thing about life is that it goes on. For some born with a silver spoon in their mouth, it is

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Saved a Life of Tanvi!

This was the story of Tanvi, one of several other real-life ordeals which we come across every other day but choose to ignore, and often forget to help the NGO,

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Kashish in Hospital

Successful Surgery of Kashish

Like every father does, Abhishek Gupta also thought her daughter will match up the height what he wants to achieve. He wants his child to live up his life. But

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