Gift of Life

He  was patient of congenital heart defect. From his birth itself he had faced the uncertainty of further life.Even from his birth.His mother Leela is a house wife and His father is a daily wage labour,with their financial conditions things would have gone even worse.Things had already gone worse, as due to the high end family needs and an additional medical requirementsWe were approached by his poor family .

​Dream Girl Foundation helped him by providing all expenses of her surgery i.e. Rs. 52,000. We are happy that we are able to bring changes to people’s life.This would not be possible without conscious people of our  society .

We can provide help to more Children with your help. ​Dream Girl Foundation request you to come forward and contribute as much as you can forthe needy .

 Note : The discharge summary & Photo of Amit is attached for your inspection.

Discharge Summary_Amit_Dream Girl Foundation Discharge Summary_Page 2_Amit_Dream Girl Foundation

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