Rohit Got Success -10 Jan,2017

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”  – Charles Dickens

This quote by Charles Dickens very well explains that how much we need each other’s as humans, and how useful we can be for each other. We at DGF walk on a similar road by making us useful and also give a chance to others so that they can also do their part for the same.

Today, let us once more discuss the story of a child, who got a new life because people made themselves useful and lifted up the burden off a saddened father and a hopeless son. Rohit, a 13 year old child, was suffering from nerve blockage. We can very well understand, how serious this problem could be and how painful for both, a 13 year old boy and his father, who daily saw his own son suffering from the uneasiness and discomfort. Rohit’s father, Mr. Rajesh, then consulted doctors and the problem which started in January, 2015, was diagnosed in August,2015 and Rohit was recommended a Neurosurgery, with an expense of Rs. 1,55,000.

For a family like Rohit’s, this huge an amount was very difficult to arrange, but a soul who believed in living for others as well payed the amount of Rs. 60,000, and Rohit was admitted in AIIMS. Now, Dream Girl Foundation came into picture when we were contacted by Rajesh, who has left his job by now to take care of his son. We had the task of raising Rs. 90,000 so that Rohit can proceed with his operation, which was due under the supervision of Dr. Pankaj Singh.

Children are the building blocks of a nation, and in India, we lose thousands of kids every year to diseases and poverty. It is an important responsibility that we all should take, so that at least a part can be done which can prove to be useful towards the upliftment of the society. As we say, “drop by drop, fills the pot”, we, at DGF, filled the pot, drop by drop, and were successful in raising the Rs. 90,000 for Rohit’s surgery.

It was a great achievement in the history of Dream Girl Foundation, as we succeeded in giving a new life to a kid and saved a father from the guilt he was drowning himself into for not being able to do enough for his son.

A smile is all that matters. That smile is out strength and that smile is our riding power.


No.1 NGO of Gurgaon Sponsor a boy's treatement

No.1 NGO of Gurgaon Sponsor a boy’s treatement

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