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Together For A Cause – Bhavisye


Our Dream Girl Foundation is meant to help underprivileged

Bhavisye's Success Story


one’s who are financially weak and don’t have access to any facility. Our Organization is created for this noble cause and the members of our team work selflessly day and night to help poor people.

This is due to immense efforts and support of Donors only that today we have saved lives of many children. It’s your support only that we have made our country’s future bright.

Today many children are treated and fully cured with the help of our donors. We really feel proud and privileged that in our country we have people who care for such needy children.

Let’s work together again and help support our cause for which we care so much.

This is about a child 5 years old named Bhavisye had a hole in heart. His name BHAVISYE, which means future but due to his unhealthy condition his future was in danger. His father is a bus driver, residing in Ghaziabad. He is able to earn just Rs.200 to Rs.300 as daily wages. With such low wage a day he could only provide one time meal to his family due to this, he is unable to provide good health facility to his son. He had recommended to AIIMS where the total estimated cost of his son’s treatment was Rs. 60,000.

For a poor person who could have never seen even a Rs 1000 note Rs.60,000 was just not possible even in dream .Being in a miserable state DGF had come up to help Bhavisye. But without your support and donation this task couldn’t be accomplished. Dream Girl Foundation had submitted the required funds for the surgery and then Bhavisye had successful operation at AIIMS. This was possible only with the help of our esteemed Donors.