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We together Gifted A Life To ‘Madan’
By: admin
Sep 24, 2014

Over a period of time, human has understood every aspect of his surrounding i.e. how to live a comfortable life with all the effortlessness encircling his every task but a fraction of people have the fortune to experience the same & even there fraction contribute to increase the total number of that fortunate people. Dream Girl Foundation is an NGO who is trying to increase the number of more fortunate people with the help of those who actually can help others with their blessed fortune to do so.

For of now parents of a less fortune boy was hoping that we the fortunate one can actually save his child Madan Kumar, a 7 month old child who was suffering from cardiac disease of hole in heart.

Family of child belongs to Patna (Bihar), father Pintu Kumar is a contractual labor who can hardly earn Rs 4000/- in a month, as contractual labor doesn’t have every day work in a month. His father was roaming around the AIIMS, New Delhi for a cheaper treatment but cheapest treatment is itself a mountain to climb on for a labor.

For his treatment he was on Delhi roads from last 2 month, when his case is lightened by a person who has heard about Dream Girl Foundation approaches our team with the child father, and our team came forward to save a little life.

As prescribed by the AIIMS doctor a sum of Rs. 40,000/- excluding approx Rs. 10,000/- on Medicines was needed for treatment. Dream Girl Foundation has decided to take over the charge to add one more in the list of more fortunate people.

And within 20 days we were able to submit the required amount to the AIIMS hospital with the help of Our Donors.

Receipts Receipts Issued by AIIMS to Dream Girl Foundation