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Preeti gets your Help!
By: admin
Aug 25, 2014

We eat every day, we walk every day, as we grow learn to express pain, happiness & every face our heart.But if we envisage our life without anyone of the daily doing that could be worst nightmare we have ever come across. Just a single thought can do this to our outlook What if, someone who is facing all this in her daily routine.

Same is the case with 8 years old girl Preeti, who is suffering from a very rare disease of developing copper in her lungs. In normal case our bodies do develop copper and intake of the same is with fruits but excesses amount is poisonous which is making her body’ cells inactive. As far as her current conditions are concern she is nearly paralyzed with her hands.

Considering the seriousness of this case doctor has recommended her family to make arrangements of money within two months. Currently her case is taken by AIIMS, New Delhi.

Hospital was asking to submit the DD for operation of Rs. 40,000, with various tests worth Rs. 30,000.

A little girl whose father is no more, asked for help to Dream Girl Foundation, same is Dream Girl Foundation was asking to their donors to come forward and help her.

And with the help of our Donors we successfully raised sufficient funds for the Preeti and now Treatment of Preeti is continue in AIIMS.


A Mutational Analysis Test conducted at SGRM Hospital Bill paid by Dream Girl Foundation :