Millions of girls are abandoned in India every year. Let’s take a collective step towards saving one today!

No child is born different – they all deserve a basic living. Let us join hands to make the society equitable for all.

A parent can sacrifice anything for their child. Then, why do we casually ignore the one with no parents?

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Dream Girl Foundation is committed to transforming the lives of disadvantaged children in India with a focus on the girl child to help create a more equitable society. For the last 16 years, our efforts have been towards providing them with education, sanitation, health and income generation.

Dream Girl Foundation - The girl child project

Dream Girl Foundation is dedicated towards the holistic development of girls in every field ranging from education, sanitation, health to income generation and AIDS awareness. We have a skilled team of teachers, medical practitioners and passionate volunteers who are committed to the betterment of children in India. Our special campaigns for girl children are focused on providing appropriate medical facilities, stopping any exploitation against girls and providing proper nutrition.

Certifications and Registrations

  • Registered under Indian Trust Act,1882, vide reg. no.  Trust/Delhi/4/356
  • Registered under the government NGO Darpan with unique id HR/2017/0150459
  • Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)
  • All donations exempted u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act,1961
  • Our PAN is AABTD8681R

Stark Reality of Children in India

  • Over 1.1 million children below the age of 5 years die every year in India due to lack of proper healthcare facilities.
  • 1 in 8 children work as a labourer and over 6 million children cannot afford school in India.
  • More than 50% of the children are out of the school system before elementary level.
  • 40% of children are suffering from severe illness due to unhygienic conditions.

Our contribution towards their upliftment




Your small effort can make a big difference

It is all about the affection and loves you shower that matters every time you help us with a contribution. Our volunteers and donor form the rudimentary pillars for our success and when you join hands with Dream Girl Foundation you receive:

  • The soul-deep satisfaction of knowing that you have transformed a child’s life forever
  • Regular updates about how your money is contributing to the change
  • Tax Benefits under section 80G
  • Power to build a sustainable society by providing underprivileged children with the means to achieve their dreams

Sponsor a child in need & gift them a brighter future

You have the power to bring a smile on a child’s face. Your support can make a huge difference in the life of an abandoned or homeless child who has no access to education and healthcare facilities. Nearly half of the underprivileged children in India are deprived of parental care. Even providing one child with the skill and confidence to achieve their potential will go a long way in improving the future of our nation. When you sponsor a child you create a never-ending bond between you and community which will lead to a sustainable society. Your sponsorship for a child’s education and food will transform two lives: the child’s and yours.

How is your money spent?

  • 80%

    of the donations we raise are spent to strengthen the support systems at various levels that help us in the monitoring and evaluation of these initiatives.

  • 13%

    of the donations we raise are spent to strengthen the support systems at various levels that help us in the monitoring and evaluation of these initiatives.

  • 7%

    of the funds we raise are used up in activities that help us to mobilise resources that can guarantee a long-term support to such initiatives.