Successful Surgery of Kashish

Like every father does, Abhishek Gupta also thought her daughter will match up the height what he wants to achieve. He wants his child to live up his life. But soon his all dreams and wishes come to an end when huge outflow vanishes them and there is no one to hold up his dreams.

Abhishek Gupta a rented auto driver who is from Dayalpur Karanal Nagar lives with a family of 4 members. He had a 10month old daughter, mother and his wife. With his below average financial condition, he is swallowing the sour cup daily in arranging the basic requirement. Things were gone even wears when regular crying and pale skin of his 10 month old child change into the sound of unbearable pain .

Few month before when his child’s non stop crying and medical test reports yield what he has not even though is dreams. Those wards which he had heard for other was actually happening to him. According to reports her daughter was suffering from Atrial septal defect formally known as hole in heart.

Earlier he had taken his daughter to Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital, in Delhi, where case further transfers to AIIMS. As our volunteer was there for existing running case, his father came across about our foundation & ask for help.
On finding the case authentic Dream Girl Foundation accepted the case and agreed in helping to save his daughter’s life. Doctors of AIIMS had estimated a total amount of Rs. 60,000 of whole procedure n which two operations are required. Now the whole amount of first operation of baby Kashish is paid by Dream Girl Foundation with the support of Our Donors.

On 27th March,2015, her operation was successful in AIIMS, New Delhi and the family thanks the Donors of Dream Girl Foundation for their priceless support.

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